Schill speaks.

By way of JCB, a great interview with Curt Schilling from Boston Dirt Dogs.
He has some really sharp things to say about the media, and doesn’t mince words when it comes to mean-spirited journalists. I was also impressed by his defense of his interview style, which has been (unreasonably) attacked of late:

CS: One of the things that has always bothered me was the media whore thing. My take on that, and I could certainly be wrong, is that I don’t answer questions from the media in a yes/no fashion. I talk, sometimes a lot. I do so because outside of the Lord and my family baseball has been my whole life. I have a passion for this game that supersedes everything else around me. I know that outside of the very few people I meet face to face in life, every single one of you will get to “know me” by what’s written, and what’s reported. You shape your opinion of me, of us, as athletes, by something being said by a person that on most occasions, has not the first clue what we are like, or about. Now that persons opinion of us, matters greatly in how the story gets to you, because NO ONE is impartial anymore, impartial opinions don’t sell papers. If you doubt that check out sports talk TV, and radio. Every single show that’s been on longer than an hour is based on point/counterpoint, regardless of topic. Half these guys and gals don’t like each other, which in itself makes for good news. So when I talk to the media, I do so unabridged. I think that’s a good thing, a lot of people don’t. The bottom line for me is that when I retire, and my kids get old enough to someday look back on my career, they won’t look back on it, then look at me and ask “who the hell was that guy?” I am who I am, and I have to lay my head on the pillow at night and answer to the Lord, and my family.

And some words about Yankee Stadium:

CS: Bottom line is that you can find out in Yankee Stadium whether or not the world considers you a good player, they don’t boo players that suck, they ignore you. If they boo you there’s a certain respect, in my mind they are saying ‘Hey, you’re a good player, but we are gonna kick the (crap) out of you tonight #&%!’

And in regards to God:

BDD: While many think you’re a great pitcher and a courageous human being, some don’t understand why you think the supreme being cares about whether you win a baseball game or not.
CS: I never said he did.

(And in case you’re curious, Philippians 4:13 is “I can do all things in he who strengthens me.” Which caught me, as it’s something my mom has quoted to me in a number of trying situations.)
Finally, even if it weren’t already obvious from they way Schill talks about this team, here’s something to leave you feeling proud of this town:

BDD: How does this team rank among all the teams you’ve played for?
CS: So vastly different that there is no comparison.


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