What curse?

I’m definitely feeling the luck this morning.
On my way to the office, I wanted to pick up a copy of today’s Globe, knowing full well that I’d have a hard time finding a copy anywhere in the city. I stopped by the first newspaper dispenser I saw, in front of the KFC/Taco Bell on the corner of Hampshire and Prospect. As I got off my bike to inspect what I was now seeing was an empty metal box, a Globe employee strode up from his truck carrying two big stacks of papers.
“Perfect timing!” I exclaimed, as another fellow on the street strode up as well to get a paper.
“This is the second edition,” he told me. “There isn’t a single one left in Cambridge right now.” The other guy said something about how we were all smiling.
“There’s not a person in this city who isn’t going to be smiling today,” I said.
I gave him my fifty cents, got a paper, and went on my way.


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