World Series photo diary.

Photos from our World Series watching celebration are up here. The photo quality isn’t fabulous since it was so dark and I hate the flash, but the mood is nice. Eh, I’m not claiming to be a fabulous photographer here.
However, there are some great ones of Mike being placid while Jeff and Wally are engaged in animated discussion. In fact, Mike is actually in focus in pretty much every shot, which means he must have been sitting very still. Watching.
So, yeah, enjoy. There will be more from the parade this Saturday, to be sure.


11 thoughts on “World Series photo diary.

  1. Amrys, don’t you know that any rank amateur can see that you have disgraceful barrel zoom properties in these photographs? They make MRhé look pear shaped! You need to use a Nottenheim corrector lens!

  2. …any rank amateur can see that This Perfection is not in the eye of the viewer but in …
    The Enthusiasm of The Event and
    The Moment —
    The Victory of The Hood
    Over the Dark Demons of That Nottenheim Wood
    To Give to the Poor but Faithful
    The Heart-Beat! of four Lifetimes

  3. Hey, what’s going on here!?
    Am, your foreword to your photo gallery reminded me
    of something Ansel Adams wrote:
    “A snapshooter… need make no apologies for the pleasure he derives from his pictures.”
    People must think I’m a bitter critic.

  4. Fading away, Douglas MacArthur’s claims notwithstanding, is the surest sign that you were never set alight. I take my hemlock with cream and sugar, sir. ;v)

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