Blue and red, the curse is dead.

As I learned riding home from Boston in a cab Thursday night, the old Hancock tower’s weather/sports information light has a new setting: red and blue.

One of Boston’s most treasured landmarks is the flashing weather beacon that sits atop the old John Hancock Tower, now the Berkeley Building. The tower began forecasting the weather, using predictions from a meteorological company on the 26th floor, in 1950. Its predictions inspired a poem:
Steady blue, clear view
Flashing blue, clouds due
Steady red, rain ahead
Flashing red, snow instead.
Flashing blue and red, when the Curse of the Bambino is dead!

I learned it a little differently:

Steady blue, clear view.
Flashing blue, clouds are due.
Steady red, rain ahead.
Flashing red, snow, or the Red Sox game is canceled.

But, in any event, there’s a new line now. I just wonder how long they’ll leave it red and blue…


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