Red Sox parade.

Photos and movies from this morning’s Red Sox parade are now up.
We left Frogstar at 8 this morning, met up with Mike and his brother Jon in Central Square, and walked across the bridge to Cruftlabs, stopping in Kenmore Square for some food. The streets of Boston were already crowded with people; near Fenway, things were starting to get cramped. We convinced Scott to come along with us, and headed around to the other side of Boylston, where we could walk at a fast-than-snail’s pace on the back streets. We settled on a spot at the intersection of Jersey and Boylston, across from where Yawkey Way comes through from Fenway.
Jeff and Laurie met up with us after attending an appreciation breakfast at Fenway (lucky!!!), and we all settled in to watch the parade. While we waited, a bunch of people in the crowd were throwing things, launching paper airplanes, and waving flags — you know, to pass the time.
After the duck boats had all gone by, we headed back through Kenmore and down to the Charles, where a startling number of people were already settled. We found a nice spot on the Esplanade by the Harvard Bridge and spent a long time waiting for the parade to hit its water route and pass us by again. There were many attempted waves which seemed to die around the middle of the bridge, so someone started a “Cam-bridge” taunt which caught on. People were out in boats; the sailing and crew teams were practicing; someone had an awesome blow-up of the A-Rod purse photo and was waving it around to much cheering from the crowd. There were at least as many people lined up along the river as there are on the Fourth of July.
The boats finally came through, giving us a great view of the other side — so we got to see players whose backs we’d seen the first time around. I don’t have digital photos of this leg of the parade yet, since I’d run out of cfcard room back in Kenmore, but I’ll put up scans of the film I shot when I get access to a negative scanner.
Spirits were high walking back across the bridge; we had a nice lunch at Mary Chung’s and went our separate ways.
It was nice to be a part of it, folks. Foulkes.


2 thoughts on “Red Sox parade.

  1. And… it’s over

    Yesterday, they paraded the trophy all around Boston. And I saw it — twice. Amrys has photos and movies in her recap. We spent a lot of time standing around in the rain, and before it ever started, the crowd…

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