Invalid syntax.

These past few days, I have been a hero. A goddamned hero.
For instance, yesterday I had my hands full and was trying to open the door to my office with one finger. With a hot cup of tea in one hand and a Nalgene bottle hanging off the fingers of the other, I keyed in the combination on the door. In my rush to pull on the handle before the combination timed out, I pulled something in my hand while trying to both push down on the (lever) handle and pull on the door with my ring finger. The hand has been… unhappy.
Today I tripped over the leg of a giant aluminum easel at our all-office retreat. “Heroic!” I shouted at myself in an atempt to add some levity to the embarrasing moment. There were chuckles. I sat down.
Finally, this evening I was headed to paint some pottery with Zia and Michelle in the SAA studio in W20. I was coming from R&D in Building 32, and I exited the 36 stairwell in a jog. I slipped on the building’s steps and went flying, twisted one ankle, bruised the other foot, and lay in the sidewalk like some kind of idiot. Some kind of hero.
I tried calling several people, none of whom were around. Finally, I got ahold of Josh, who had his car, and was able to drive me to the med center, where they gave me an ice pack, a splint, and some crutches and told me to check in again tomorrow.
I repeat: HERO!


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