Things to do without your right ankle.

  1. Do something with your hands. Start a knitting project, so the time you spend lying in bed or sitting in front of the TV icing your foot isn’t wholly unproductive.
  2. Call your friends and family. If they won’t or can’t come to you, it’s a good time to reach out at say hello, especially if it’s been a long time.
  3. Exercise. Do some crunches, or something else that doesn’t put any strain on your ankle. Like the hands-activity, this will help alleviate the useless layabout feeling.
  4. Read. What better excuse to tuck into that stack of books that’s sitting on the floor next to your bed?
  5. Do some work. Really, as long as the work you’ve been procrastinating doesn’t involve any heavy lifting, is there really any reason why you’re not doing it now? When you’ve nothing else to do but hobble around the house looking retarded?
  6. Bake something delicious, preferably with at least one of your roommates. Consume with a fresh pot of tea.
  7. Get good rest. Again, no excuse not to.
  8. Have good hair days. Since you’re just sitting around the house in the morning, you can take the time to brush your hair while it’s drying, instead of running out the door like you normally do.
  9. Check out what PBS has been up to on the historical reality show front. Let yourself get totally sucked in, while knitting, of course.
  10. Think about blogging, but instead decide to do other stuff. After all, there are plenty of things you can do without your right ankle.

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