First snowfall, bit of a Hitch.

Today we had our first snowfall here in Albany, and, so I hear, in Boston as well. The piles of leaves my mom and I raked up yesterday are now covered in a fine white dusting.
I’ve been in the mood for some of the old film classics lately, so my parents and I rented Strangers on a Train tonight. Certainly a big change from last night’s viewing (with the best-friend-from-home) of Bridget Jones’s Diary. Nothing against the latter, certainly — it’s the perfect film to watch curled up with a box of Freihoffer’s cookies and a girl friend, and it’s funny and witty and entertaining and smart — but Hitchcock’s a marvel, a master, and little more need be said. I will point out the following things about Strangers…, though: (1) the screenplay was co-written by Raymond Chandler, (2) there are, as always, moments where you draw in a breath and say out loud, “That is a gorgeous shot!” (think eyeglasses, think cigarette lighters), and (3) carnivals and tennis matches will never be the same.
Good night everyone! It’s chilly in this house, so that means it’s time to get under the blankets. Tomorrow’s gotta be a bit of a workin’ day.


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