Inman, moonlit.

Tonight I ventured out into Shop Inman by Moonlight, an annual holiday event in my neighborhood, Inman Square.
When I left my apartment, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I ended up having an awesome time. I didn’t go out until around 11 pm, so I missed out on a bunch neat events — beer tastings at Buk’s, cheap cider at 1369 — but I caught the tail end of the festivities at the shops which were still open, Buckaroo’s Mercantile and Absolutely Fabulous, two eclectic gift shops on Cambridge Street. In Buckaroo’s, there was an elderly crooner playing the ukelele and singing into an old-fashined microphone, while at his side a 1950s-dressed bartender mixed and gave away these gin-orange-cream concoctions. The place was packed, and everyone was having a great time chatting with strangers, with the owners, with the bartender and the singer. At Absolutely Fabulous, I ran into one of my coworkers, and we had some wine and chatted while browsing the shop. There was a DJ playing a nice mix of jazz, funk, and bop tunes, a scantily clad chick dancing in the window, and a handful of wackily-dressed hipsters who, judging from their state of inebriation and sheer joy, had been there for a while.
After about a half an hour, the proprietress announced that the party was moving to the Zeitgeist (and the fellow beside her offered the correct German pronunciation to the crowd), DJ, drinks, and all, and that everyone should come along. As it was getting late, we decided to pass on the gallery after-party, but there was something really wonderful about the openness of the entire evening: business owners geting drunk with their customers, giving out food, striking up conversations, being truly neighborly. This was an example of why I love the city, why cities, when run well, are simply great places to live and thrive. These sorts of community events and traditions are important, and they enrich both the lives of residents and the community spirit.
At this moment, I’m in love with this town.


2 thoughts on “Inman, moonlit.

  1. Guess who was on Lou Dobbs tonight talking about China? Ye olde Mark Helprin, who also seems to have a new book out called The Pacific and Other Stories. I still haven’t read the dude, but it was an interesting (if extremely short) interview. He was decrying the rise of China – predicting Chinese parity with the US in about 20 years or so, something that my brother and I have been awaiting somewhat grimly for a while now – while also attempting to defuse Lou’s alarmist / vaguely xenophobic questions. He seemed to have a degree of admiration for the Chinese over all, as well as a strong desire to keep the US as close to the top of the pile as possible. Intriguing.

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