Labelmaker mystery.

On Friday afternoon around 1:30, I went to a late lunch with Wally. When I returned to my desk a little after 2, I discovered that someone had placed a strip from one of those labelmaker devices at my desk, in front of my computer. It read “ROXOR MY SOXOR.”
I have no idea who did this.
I pinned the thing up above my computer, since it seemed to fit with the rest of my cubicle decor, but the maker/giver remains a mystery. If anyone has any leads, drop me a line. I’m incredbily curious.
The kind of funny thing is that we’d had a socks swap (origin: Yankee swap > Red Sox swap > (literal) socks swap) at work the day before, and on Friday we all had to wear the socks we got in the socks swap. I’m not sure if these incidents are related.


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