1. Alien is an awesome movie.
  2. Event Horizon is the same movie as Alien, scene by scene, character by character. With Sam Neill as Ian Holm. And some sort of black-hole-hellmouth-powered possessed spaceship as the alien. Oh, and suckier. Way suckier.
  3. H. R. Giger is totally weird. And apparently I spelled his name wrong in that poem I wrote a long time ago…
  4. An in-the-midst-of-writing urge reminded me that someone has consumed all my good bourbon, and owes me a bottle or two.
  5. Randomly running into people on the street is, as has been pointed out, the best thing about living in a city.
  6. There is no good spot in my room for working on my computer comfortably for long periods of time.
  7. I seem to be incapable of typing “European” correctly.
  8. People are very indecisive about New Year’s Eve plans. Myself included.
  9. It’s not going to be nearly cold enough outside tomorrow night.

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