What is it about walking that makes it easier to think? It’s like magic: I start walking, and the ideas start coming. I can come back with three new thoughts for my paper, not to mention a fresh perspective and the invigoration of being out of doors.
No wonder Joyce was a walker.


5 thoughts on “Perambulation.

  1. I find all my good ideas present themselves when I’m in the shower. They usually come to me almost instantly in the shower.

  2. When I used to do a morning walk around campus I had to start taking my cell phone to make voice notes of ideas, thoughts and tasks.

  3. Speaking of showers: I read some interesting anecdotes on Carl Sagan after his death. According to his wife, Sagan would do a lot of mathematics in the shower, using soap as his pen and the shower wall as the “canvas.”
    His wife also said he smoked a lot of weed. I’m not sure how well showers, math and marijuana go together.

  4. You know, I’ve been thinking about this shower thing for days, and I just don’t think I’m a shower person. I have been known to come up with good ideas in the shower, but it’s simply not as reliable an idea-generator as walking, for me.

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