CMS: Content Management Suckage.

Some notes taken this morning in our “CMS Tips & Tricks” session:

  1. I am S.O.L.
  2. The Staging Agent sucks large.
  3. Working with Staging is like being behind someone in the print queue who happens to be printing an 80-page pdf, and the job has stalled. And the person has left the cluster.
  4. Staging XOR Production
  5. Web interfaces suck.
  6. Every tip/trick is a real kludge.
  7. Microsoft sucks.
  8. If it’s going to take you more than an hour to upload a set of files, send the job to India.
  9. Don’t ever use the Resource Uploader. It’s broken.
  10. Oddly enough, in eWebEditPro, closing the window = saving the changes.
  11. When re-uploading files, replace, don’t delete.
  12. Everything is majorly unreliable and glitchy.
  13. eWebEditPro puts span tags everywhere and outputs horrible, horrible code.
  14. For my own sanity, I should print out the CSS and highlight the relevant styles.
  15. Everything is going to be very very slow.
  16. Working in CMS is going to drive me crazy.

Marvelous. I can’t wait.


2 thoughts on “CMS: Content Management Suckage.

  1. The sad part is that apparently things are a *lot* better than they used to be. Honestly, now that I know all the inner workings of OCW, I’m surprised we even exist. 😉

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