Not just inclement weather…

At lunch today, McGann pointed out that Gehry seems to have trouble designing for LA as well. Apparently the new Disney Hall was too shiny:

“Disney Hall is a scintillating building in every sense of the word.” Temperatures on the sidewalk outside REDCAT, for instance, can reach 138 degrees. You won’t spontaneously combust when those rays hit you, but you’ll get a sunburn if you idle for 10 minutes. Gehry, whose office cooperated with Schiler, proposes to sandblast his landmark to dull the offending surfaces. If you thought those billowing forms and glistening surfaces were a perfect homage to the sun-drenched and blistering Los Angeles climate, well, think again. The sunshine muse, it seems, is too sunny for Los Angeles.

This marks the end of my Gehry-related posts for the time being.


One thought on “Not just inclement weather…

  1. I’m pretty sure I’ve complained about that building before, probably just in conversations. People were complaining about being blinded by the light off the building as well. (Didn’t Sucher write about this?) Gehry strikes me, in a way, as quite similar to Derrida. Some say he’s a genius and a half. Others, a charlatan. Probably more one than the other. In any case: we might ask the question of whether the Stata Center has accomplished what MIT /wanted/ it to accomplish – and whether that desire is in line with the MIT citizenry’s expectations, as engineers and scientists.
    Still, who gives a shit? We graduated, we should move out to the countryside to live in agrarian simplicity with the Amish. I hear it’s wonderful for EVERYBODY.

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