Frozen inferno.

Quite a lovely story in the Globe this morning about a fire in a Jamaica Plain church, where a pre-Civil-War pipe organ was also lost. Miraculously, the recent cold snap flash-froze the book that contained a record of the church’s history in an envelope of ice, saving it from incineration.
I was drawn in by this amazing photo. There’s something simply amazing and beautiful about the contrast of fire and ice.


5 thoughts on “Frozen inferno.

  1. My grandparents had a coffee-table book of photos from Boston Fire by this fellow showing fire calls from all over the city. I think it was called “Smoke Showin’.” The winter scenes were beautiful, with ice appearing on every possible surface: truck, house, street, hose, and firefighter.

  2. I stared at that picture for nearly ten minutes on the train this morning. Completely beautiful, but tempered by the understanding that so much beauty was destroyed.

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