Because of the waters of the flood…

Yesterday evening a water main burst in Cambridge, and half the city lost water. Apparently Kendall Square was completely flooded, and they had to evacuate the Marriott. MIT was without water for the last few hours of the work day (which was a bit unpleasant in the ladies’ rooms, I must say), and my plans for having a buck-sixty-nine burger at Bukowski in Inman were foiled, as they had just closed their kitchen (due to the water main break and the consequent inability to wash dishes) when I arrived. The solution: order dinner from across the river. We settled on Quan’s Kitchen, which has some great Gau’s. Props to Minwax for the thought.
Luckily, the problem seemed to have been taken care of by the time I headed over to TT’s for the Tremulant show, which was a blessing, as I was not looking forward to spending a night out at a club with nonfunctional toilets.
More on the evening later. Also to come, at long last: an entry about my trip to the Museum of Printing last week.
(And, meanwhile, a new sprinkler main is being installed in my building…)


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