End-of-week relief.

I’ve spent that past three days wrangling with the makings of the STS.464 stellar site. Doesn’t sound complicated, does it? Doesn’t look complicated either. Well, things get a bit more complex and frustrating when you have to scan hundreds of pages of readings from books by hand, convert them to PDFs, and upload them via a web interface. Stellar has its benefits, but the drawbacks — from the administration side in particular — are… just kind of spirit-sucking.
To be fair, most of what caused my frustration was not a failing with stellar (aside from my main complaint, which is that the system doesn’t have a bulk-upload feature for situations when, say, you happen to be uploading upwards of a hundred PDFs for a class, and that the uploading of one file alone involves way too many mouse clicks for comfort). Rather, it stemmed from the sheer mind-numbing drudgery of scanning hundreds of pages out of textbooks. CopyTech and Document Services were purportedly hosed with the beginning-of-term crunch, so it was up to me to turn the materials around in a timely fashion.
From now on it’s Document Services all the way.


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