Parse this.

This sentence wins today’s award for most unusual/incomprehensible:

I never forget to practice, nor do I have to remember.

I think, after having said it to myself about ten times now, I’m beginning to see what the author was getting at: practicing is natural. But, man, I haven’t even started in on Finnegans Wake yet and I’m getting this from work-related reading?
Good luck to me, and good night, everyone!


8 thoughts on “Parse this.

  1. (Sherv is now officially on my sh/L/i/s/t. [In clarification, I reference Margaret Engelhart who, when I was “young and twenty”something, turned to me — in respose to the advisement of her too too informative neighbor {in reference to their MaryJane compat-riot sons} — and said, “There are some things a parent has a right not to know,” upon which we continued drinking her Rolling Rock through the remainder of the afternoon while the neighbor … chilled out … of the conversation.]
    Anyhow…what I was going to write is that the problem with the sentence in question is the missing “Neither,” as in “Neither do I forget…” upon (or from) which the “nor” depends — this time in ‘suspense.’ Otherwise, it’s a worthwhile chuckle.

  2. I’m not sure how to interpret some of the above, but it seems unusual that I would be chastised for a reference to Dr. Strangelove (and Cary Grant’s early desire to spike a few magnums of LSD into Hollywood-area water reservoirs).

  3. It’sa nothing to think twice about: first of all, I wrote it so it is sure and certain to be playful and, secondly, you know what I mean so smile and feel very witty with yourself. You’ll like it: I do.
    [PS: that is the closest I could come to spelling that sound you can make by vibrating your tgongue at the back of your throat when intimating the cutting of same, so I made it … list over to the side, eh.]

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