Still no word.

It’s 10 PM the night before I’m supposed to meet the entire faculty of the department to which I applied at school two on my whirlwind tour, and I still don’t know (a) to whom I am to report, or (b) when. I’m only presuming the where, by sheer resourcefulness and common sense: department headquarters.
For now, I’m sitting in an undergraduate dorm room with an old friend, who is studying for a linguistics midterm tomorrow with a classmate, and I’m actually being useful answering some of their questions, posed to one another or the ether. I am the ether, the Brain and Cognitive Scientist who concentrated in Linguistics and has the power of dict at her fingertips!


3 thoughts on “Still no word.

  1. Everything is in balance then: unknown place and time vs. “right place, right time!” to help out a friend. The pendulum is everywhere.

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