Happy St. David’s Day, one day late.
It is so, so, so good to be home.


3 thoughts on “Belatedness.

  1. Bienvenue!
    Two snows here brought two major plowings on both mornings: SWMBO was off work yesterday and delayed one hour this a.m., but i got here well cleared before she burst out of the BatCave, spun around on sheer ice, spun discs, and headed off into the wild blues.
    Tonight I have an EUMC/PPRC meeting beginning at 6:30 so will be home and well ensconced by 9:00, I’d guess.
    [Watched DVD “Virgin” last night – a bizarre kind of gal-flick — battered gal, we think: beaten physically and emotionally (?) and ready to wreak justice on all those wearing the wrong chromosone. At least that’s the way it came off here.]

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