My life in the office, the blogosphere.

From an IM conversation today:

A: i get to give a presentation tomorrow about creating stellar sites
W: woohoo.
W: at all-team
W: oh yeah
W: sounds exciting.
W: powerpoint?
A: i'm contemplating making a really horrendous powerpoint presentating
A: presentation
A: a horrendous and hilarious one
W: a simple one can be helpful
A: i'm not sure if that might be frowned on
A: first i need talking points!
A: something like this: (1) stellar is a pain (2) what's wrong with handouts? (3) i hate
A: it should be more considered
A: 😉
A: also i probably won't because i have to read a book tonight for class
W: that style looks awfully familiar
W: feel free to quote GSS if that will save time and make things festive
A: 😉
A: sounds like a plan!
W: OMG that would be so awesome.
A: it's like hitting it big time
W: well, it's like something.
W: i wouldn't say big exactly.
A: i was going to add: in the small pond


6 thoughts on “My life in the office, the blogosphere.

  1. In addition to “What’s wrong with handouts?” I recommend slides titled:
    – “HTML and Athena – Yuk!”
    – “A STELLAR idea!” (use animation to heighten the impact)
    – “STELLAR: Enabling Online Education”
    – “STELLAR: Leveraging Enterprise Infrastructure”
    – “Where do we go from here?”
    – “Conclusions”

  2. Actually, the work’s already been done for us, Scott: check out the Stellar features. Be sure to follow it all the way through. It’s astounding.
    Hippo, I think the answer to your question should by now be obvious. =)

  3. I especially enjoyed the handouts that were dittos from the mimeograph machine, wet and smelling of glycol ( or some potent chemical) –purple indelible ink staining the hands of the teacher. Such a loss to the classroom.

  4. I remember getting purple dittos in elementary school.
    Imagine the outcry today if the next duplicating technology
    produced output that smelled so crisply of alcohol!

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