The errors made in the citations I’m cleaning up today lead me to suspect that the India team is under the impression that Ibid is the title of a book. As one of my coworkers quipped: “Ibid seems to be a popular author. Does he have a first name? Please validate.”
The question is: if the book is called Ibid, where the hell did they get this random ISBN?


3 thoughts on “Suspicion/validation.

  1. Ibid is a longlived loquacious and prolific Roman monk left behind by the Legions under threat from certain Scandanavian marauders who swept the countryside around Ibid’s abbey, and therein rests the secret of how and why we so much of him although the rst of the Isles were hard pressed to keep religion, much less adequate amounts of ink flowing — and how about those gray goose quills, eh! — and most amazing of all Ibid was in possession of a particularly well-endowed relic that cast upon him the benefits, and sufferings, of ultima-extended long life, right down to the present day. In the meanwhile, ivies and thornberries have so secreted the Ibid Abbey that Ibid is able to secret himself therein while managing to send out only the most highly trusted novitiates to transact his publishing contracts and to see to it that his books, tracts, and treatises are published exactly according to his instructions. Ibid, BTW, is a trans-sexual, able to alter appearance at whim…which may explain Ibid’s wide grasp of human culture, meaining, challenge, and experience, while hidden within a meek fortress of rose blooms, squashes, and turnip.

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