Piano drop: not like in the cartoons.

This evening, I went to the Baker Piano Drop at Baker House, an event which used to be an annual celebration, but which hasn’t been done since 1998 (i.e. the year I arrived at MIT). The drop happened at 6 pm (on a day which just happened to coincide with Technique‘s A Day in the Life) and was held in honor of (what else?) drop date.
The long and the short of it: they dropped a piano seven stories onto another piano which was on the ground below. The helicopter Rodin worked on was covering the event from the sky, and some dudes with bullhorns were rallying the crowd from the roof.
The good news: dropping huge heavy things off of buildings is really fun.
The bad news: in real life, pianos don’t sound like they do in Roadrunner cartoons on impact. The sound is more of wood breaking than of strings snapping. I have to say this was a little disappointing.
Maybe we should do it off the Green Building next year. If eighteen stories can make a pumpkin sound cool, it’s bound to make a piano do amazing things.


3 thoughts on “Piano drop: not like in the cartoons.

  1. you gave up dindin for this? THAT deserves a loud twanging sound…as in “Pluck yer magic twanger, Froggie!” and “That’s my dog Tide, he lives…”
    Nah, just teas’n: sounds like a … blast gone KaLaBANG!

  2. The real trick to the whole matter is to have a well tuned piano.
    If your piano is well tuned, it will, literally, explode with a great deal of glory and noise. If your piano is not well tuned, it’s not as neat.
    At least, so I have heard; I gather it’s supposed to be a matter of tension and resonance.

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