Hot to Trot.

Well put by Nick Cafardo:

Amid the sideshow, there was some baseball.

That said, I’m not sure I agree with this:

The Sox fought their way to an 11-3 win to claim one game of the three-game series, but, more important, they salvaged their pride before their return to Boston last night.

Pride? I’m not sure if getting half a dozen players ejected is a thing to be proud of.
Also, some great stuff from C2F on the game:

From what I’ve seen, though, the Sox’ strategy going into play the team my father calls the “Devil Dogs” was that if they scored three (3) or more runs in the first five innings or so of each game, they were not contractually obligated to score any more runs for the rest of the contest.

Now here we are. It is 4:30 on Sunday afternoon, and it seems the players have decided that rather than actually play today’s game, they will just take turns hitting one another with pitches.


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