Updates from earlier in the month.

It has been brought to my attention that I have glossed over — failed entirely to mention, even — several important events of the last several weeks. I’d like to take a moment to bring them to light, in ordered-list form.

  1. I’m goin’ to grad school. In the fall, I’ll be headed to Madison, WI to study the
    History of Science. We’ll see how I do with this whole ‘academic’ thing.
  2. Jeff is in England. Mr. Foonyor Barzane left for Oxford on the 19th. Strange to have such a close friend so far away — but I’m looking forward to the letters.
  3. Ben had a party. The post-CPW Admissions bash in Acton (say it with me, like the French do: Ac-ton) was a blast, despite the fact that I left before the real craziness started to go to Jeff’s going-away bash at the Hong Kong (where, might I add, the asshole bartender refused to give me a glass of water despite my being awfully dehydrated from the three margaritas I’d had at Ben’s). The company was good, the tunes were good, the setting was good, the food was good, the drinks were good — and it was wonderful to finally meet the rest of the Jones family. I lent my margarita skills to the event, and Ben taught me how to make a lemon drop (the secret is the lemon vodka). More weapons in the party arsenal!
  4. Tremulant had a show. Tremulant played a great set at the Abbey Lounge and pulled a good crowd — meanwhile the Sox kicked some Oriole butt. Unfortunately, the set which followed, some spectacle-lounge-rock act called The Larry Banilow Project (a name which reminds me of the part in AHWOSG where he goes off on dumb hipster band names that follow a template, like Thomas Jefferson Airplane and Pat Buchanatar), who bill themselves as players of ‘soft rock anthems,’ was entertaining for about five minutes, after which the hipster crowd’s fascination with them was only about the most annoying thing ever. All this group had going for them was spectacle: they were dressed outlandishly, they were melodramatically ‘acting out’ duet songs like ‘I Had The Time of My Life,’ and they had close to zero in the way of musical talent/proficiency. We left astonished, both by the act itself and by the crowd’s apparent enthusiasm for it. We went back to FSWB and had margaritas, lemon drops, and a general rollicking good time. We learned more than we ever needed to know about Ben’s college exploits. Everyone marveled at our roofdeck. A solid Wednesday night post-rock-show scene. (For the record, that should be parsed as (post-(rock-show)) and not (post-rock)-show). Though we were most assuredly defending the nation.)
  5. Frogstar World B had a party. Yep. Last Saturday. Paul made a lot of Mediterranean food. There were papal-themed drinks, most of which were disgusting (though I recommend the Fat Friar). I went to Haymarket to get limes for margoes I ended up not making. It was weird not to have Jeff there. My roommate broke the lava lamp my uncle sent me as a gift a month ago. Some guy got naked and passed out in our bathroom, then woke up at 3 am and walked out of there like nothing unusual had happened. I went to bed.

And tomorrow I have a random day off, which sounds absolutely wonderful.


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