Lovely, accidental.

Thanks to the lovely accident of being in the Harvard Square Tosci’s with Rodin and Wally today, and Wally’s sharp eyes and willingness to pick up random postcards, I am going to go see this, here, sometime this week. Yes yes.


7 thoughts on “Lovely, accidental.

  1. Oh man! This made me laugh to beat the band. Parts, anyway. Which is to say: once I realized what it was.
    Welcome to the twenty-first century, Scottoway!
    PS: It’s a film about the Flaming Lips. Get a fucking browser!
    PPS: I guess they suck for not being ‘accessible.’
    PPPS: Don’t become jhawk. I’m starting to worry.

  2. ‘Accessible’? You mean they suck for not catering to lo-tech fashionistas. Johnston, join the fucking late twentieth century! You’re not the last redoubt against the advance of bad technology, you’re just being crotchety.

  3. By ‘accessible’ I meant ‘accessible to the disabled (and consequently johnston as well)’ — but yeah. You know, screen-readers and all that.

  4. What say you!? Lynx has “late twentieth century” written all over it.

    [johnston@my-computer] ~$ lynx --version
    Lynx Version 2.8.3rel.1 (23 Apr 2000)
    Built on osf5.0 Sep 23 2000 01:57:44

    Wow, did I really compile that 4.5 years ago?

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