Things I want to do this summer.

(A running list…)

  1. Learn to sail; practice sailing.
  2. Take a trip to Cooperstown; visit the Ommegang Brewery and the Baseball Hall of Fame.
  3. Read Ulysses.
  4. Go to several Red Sox games.
  5. Help with the construction of some kind of vessel from which to watch the Fourth of July fireworks on the Charles.
  6. Celebrate Scott‘s graduation.
  7. Go to some concerts.
  8. Go to Haymarket with some regularity.
  9. Go camping/hiking/canoeing.
  10. Celebrate my birthday in the customary fashion.
  11. Hit the drive-in.
  12. Buy a used car.
  13. Go to the beach at every opportunity.

7 thoughts on “Things I want to do this summer.

  1. I am not particularly fond of lists, but if I did a bunch of stuff and then wrote it down, this would be a good list of stuff to have done.

  2. We should go to a drive in when I’m in town, if you have your car by that point in time.
    And if you want we can like totally make out at the drive in.

  3. Yo — cons this shit onto your list:

    Gawk at Phineas Gage’s skull at Harvard’s Warren Anatomical Museum
    Picnic at DeCordova Sculpture Park
    Scope out underwater cities at Quabbin Reservoir
    Mapparium (you said you haven’t been, right?)

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