Stupid ecto.

Ecto did *not* do what I wanted it to do with that post. Which is to say I told ecto not to publish it, and it published it.
Please disregard unfinished post! !@#$^$
That is all. Frustration abounds!


8 thoughts on “Stupid ecto.

  1. I was gonna say, that post seemed really poorly edited compared to your standard product. Glad to know it doesn’t presage a continuing decline.

  2. Strictly speaking wouldn’t it just be evidence of such a decline? I mean it wouldn’t presage in the sense that – AS IS OBVIOUS, AS IS GROSSLY SO – the decline is thundering along full speed ahead. It’s the FALL we should be worried about, the Visigoths, Vandals, etc.
    Sorry Shiraz but I couldn’t resist!!

  3. I’m not sure whether to be heartened by the fact that people actually read my blog and were concerned, or embarrassed that readers actually saw my horrible post-in-progress! I’m leaning toward the former, but I’m still feeling a bit exposed.
    The minor fall, the major decline?

  4. I do believe and think that you have not a worry to contend with on that score…although my bias may distort my eval; but I shore’nuff doubt it!

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