Good morning (er, afternoon) Cambridge.

I spent most of the morning (read: afternoon) nestled in a booth of rather tremendous size at Zoe’s in Harvard Square, drinking coffee, eating a prodigious breakfast, catching up with Mike, reading the paper, and waiting for Erin to arrive from the dealership where she was buying a new car. For some reason, Cantabrigians seem to always stay at home on rainy days, despite this sort of weather being rather common at this time of year. Thankfully, these are precisely the sort of days on which I like to walk around the city, and it makes for short (or, as was the case today, nonexistent) waits at restaurants.
The Globe featured an op/ed about the blogosphere — nothing we haven’t heard before, but a somewhat surprising thing to see in ink in the A section. Blogs are increasingly referred to in journalism, are increasingly a part of journalism, but I still do a double-take when I see the word outside of my computer screen. It always feels like a disconnect, a strange sort of metalepsis or something.
All in all, between eating at an extremely leisurely pace, waiting for Erin, and sitting around while Erin ate, we must have spent a couple of hours at the joint. It’s a lovely way to spend a lazy rainy Saturday afternoon.
Tonight: beers, brats, and BoSox at Sub Terra.


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