The windows have been rattling for days. I go to sleep at night to the sound of wind and rain angling against the house, the steady shush of wet tires going by, the settling of the house, the aches of unaccustomed chill in May.
Fifty-mile-an-hour gusts, ceaseless rain, and forty-degree weather put a damper on today’s sailing plans. It seems the storm will continue to dull the week through Memorial Day — so much for the top down on the Corvair, for canoeing, for being outdoors and dry — and I will awaken for the next several days to weak light, dress with the lamps on, shut the window in the shower, brush out my wet hair when I arrive at the office, wear my hiking boots. My feet, at least, have stayed dry.
Though the gloomy weather begins to wear thin, mostly because of the unbearable winds. I had in fact been enjoying the spring drizzle, the slight chill, for I am sure in a month I’ll be longing for a break from the heat. Let’s hope things clear up, if not this weekend, then by Tuesday, so Erin and I can catch our Sox game without having to huddle, bundled up, under an umbrella.
Tonight: baked cookies, listened to some records, read a bit, played guitar, talked to the ‘rents. Having the apartment to myself for an entire evening is rare indeed — tonight I think it was just the ticket.
Coming soon, with any luck: some stuff on Revenge of the Sith, books I’ve been reading, and music from my childhood. Oh, and that Tom Friedman post, if I feel like wading through it.


2 thoughts on “Nor’easter.

  1. The forcast for New Milford looks like the sun will be arriving tomorrow, and here through at least Tuesday, with temps in the low 70s. Yay for sun!!

  2. Now that is some good frickin’ news, woman! Given the odds are that we will be arriving in the Corvair.
    Sounds like some canoeing will be in order! See you soon. I’m lookin’ forward to it. =)

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