MIT comes through for the Sox?

Yesterday, McGann and I were talking baseball over the phone, when he asked me, “Did you ever do Birmingham on Fall Travel?”
I did not.
“Ah, so you don’t know the Regional Chair down there.”
I do not.
“Well, you’ll be interested in this story anyway,” he said. “Have you heard about Keith Foulke?”
I guess I’d not been keeping up with the latest news.
“The rumor was that Foulke had gone down to Alabama to see some sort of specialist. It turns out this guy is Gelnn Fleisig, an MIT alum, one of our ECs, the Regional Chair down in Birmingham. He’s apparently a renowned expert on the mechanics of baseball, and he specializes in pitching injuries.”
I agree with him that this is very, very cool.
McGann, of course, has done a great writeup on the guy over at his blog, with links to several articles about Fleisig. The Baseball Prospectus interview gives some great insight into how he got on this particular career path.
Was it effective? Well, the first question is, I suppose, Did it really happen? Francona and Foulke both sidestepped the question, as C2F points out. It’s not surprising: they have to be sanguine and politic, when the media are just waiting for a chance to pounce on the beleaguered reliever. Whatever happened down in Alabama, I hope it helps. I’d like to see the old Keith Foulke back out there.
And it’d make a great story to tell on the road.


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