Happy buying and selling!

A few days ago, I received an email from Half.com, inviting me to list my items through their service.

You recently purchased the following items at Half.com. How would you like the chance to earn some or all of your money back? Listing your item is fast and easy at Half.com.

Check the box next to each item you want to sell and select the "Sell my Items Now!" button. In two easy steps your items will be listed for millions of potential buyers.

Now, maybe I’m misunderstanding the purpose of purchasing things like books and CDs, but I was under the impression that most people who did this wanted to actually keep the stuff they bought. Maybe I’m wrong. I do have two coworkers who have this semi-shady practice of preordering new CDs for cheap on Half.com, ripping them, burning copies for themselves, and selling the original CDs back on Half.com. They’re currently (literally) burning through their entire (enormous) CD collections this way. But me, when I buy something, I usually buy it for a reason, and I was really surprised to receive an email inviting me to get rid of half a dozen items I’d purchased a scant few weeks ago.
I guess this is consumer culture at its finest.


3 thoughts on “Happy buying and selling!

  1. Stick with what you were taught.
    It may be stupid (a‘la the modern way), but it is the root of integrity.
    However…you will have to find a way to store all that stuff (take a look around HERE!) or exfoliate it like old skin wearing off among your friends, relatives — we’ll be glad to adopt any among those duplicate DVD’s you own — the small fry in your life; or you’ll just have to … sell it. `¡™£¢?§¶•ªº–!=!

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