Rested, better outlook.

Got about nine hours of sleep last night (thanks to blinds, a ceiling fan, and possibly my most valuable new always-have-with-me item, a pair of earplugs), and this morning saw a house which was really really nice. I’ve got some more viewings this afternoon and tomorrow. Slowly getting less totally angst-ridden about the whole thing.
I’ve realized that what I need, in place of those LiveJournal-y ‘Current Mood’ and ‘Current Music’ indicators, is something along the lines of ‘Song currently stuck in head.’ It is, at the moment, ‘If I Could,’ and it has been in there since I listened to the OJ show (Milwaukee, 6/17/94), where it offers this nice break in the middle of a very high-energy, almost frenetic first set. (I just realized I do not have Hoist on my iPod. What’s wrong with me?!)
Okay, lunchtime!


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