Boat-builders begin.

Last night, we had the first meeting of the boat-builders, which began at Cruftlabs at 7:30 and ended up at Mar’s place in Brookline, where the car is parked (and held in place by tires, since the brakes are, um, iffy), and where there is beer. Photos (taken in the dark, but not too terrible) coming soon. For now, see my notes on the agenda.
Suggestions for a name for the thing? So far we’ve come up with:

  • The Fresh Prince (vetoed)
  • Carboathydrate
  • The Bel Air Boat Project
  • something involving “Blair” (since the “E” is missing on one side of the car) — Tony Blair? This is off-the-cuff here…
  • …and some others I didn’t write down but which I’d be happy to include here if someone were to remind me.

I think the consensus has been that something will assuredly come up during construction that will inspire us.


6 thoughts on “Boat-builders begin.

  1. Blech. You guys need a good name. That’s the most important part.
    Carboathydrate isn’t bad, but it took me a sec to parse it typed out as opposed to hearing it.

  2. Point 1: A Name
    Florid script that reads
    on trunk and hood, but
    on the doors, would do it
    (this is a most satisfactory name).
    Point 2: The UnForgiven
    Forgive a father for brin(g)ing it up, but …
    If — in consideration of the albeit slim, oh yeah! off-chance of carsub-reening — someone would first anticipate and forestall that glub-bubble by cutting into and hinging the roof (lubricating! the hinge) so that one’s surviving daughter might escape, that would be considered a very good thing in some quarters. OR if the hole were left open so that occupants might wave to their admirers, that would surely suffice, and lots of Goop ® would take care of the ragged edges, eh: they are, remember, a kind of fish hook for loose clothing and flesh.

  3. Pint 3:
    On the subject of a remaindered missing agenda item, it is not impertinent to recall this one:
    One does not wear seat belts when sightseeing on the Charles.
    To be sure, slice them o-u-t.

  4. I comment here only to claim credit for ‘Car-Boat-Hydrate’. Presumably the ‘we’ was intended to be sufficiently expansive to include people who have, um, nothing whatsoever to do with this post, but I just wanted to be sure.
    Copyright 2005 WGH blah blah blah!!
    Ever get the sense that you’re going to be 13 for the rest of your life?

  5. Don’t worry, Doc: it’s going to be a convertible!
    Am and others: how about a name that pays homage to
    the Cuban tradition of building car-boats to escape
    Fidel’s fury?

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