Updates: car/boat, cappers.

Work on the car goes well. Updates (including photos, summaries, and other material) will be posted here. Longer blog entry about the thing coming soon, once I get a full night’s sleep and actually feel relaxed. These late nights in Brookline are rough!
In other news, my Sox cap disappeared from my desk sometime this afternoon while I was in Prod. This makes no sense to me. If it was stolen, why did the thief choose my grim old (fitted, full of my sweat and even a little blood) Sox cap instead of the headphones or laptop nearby? Anyway, I was pissed. I even called the place I had lunch to see if I’d left it there (though Scott assures me I had it when we returned), but no luck. I searched high and low. We’ll see if it turns up. That hat was a gift from jcb back in the day. I do not comprehend, nor do I appreciate, its disappearance.
On my way to take the T from Fenway out to Brookline, I stopped at the souvenir shop and bought myself a new (cotton, non-fitted so I can put a ponytail through) cap. It fits better, but I’m still a bit peeved.


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