Taking action.

Yesterday evening, one of those environmental public interest group pollsters came around to my apartment. He gave me his canned spiel about mercury emissions and stopping Bush and his friends in Big Business and protecting our children and the fish we eat — bascially a speech designed to appeal on the most gut/hyperemotional level, something totally and unabashedly partisan and memorized, delivered with no attempt at conversation — and I told him that I wasn’t going to sign his petition until I had a chance to do a bit more research on my own. He tried again, reminding me that he was representing a grassroots organization and that they needed all the help they could get. I smiled and told him that I understood and empathized, but that, since I didn’t know anything beyond what he’d just told me about this particular bill, I wanted to get both sides of the story before signing on or giving money.
“I’ll check out your web site right now,” I told him. “Thanks for your time.”
Good citizen that I am, I went immediately back to my computer to check out the web site for Environmental Action, a local grassroots organization started in the Nixon era. I typed “environmental action” into Google, expecting a hit in the top ten.
I tried “environmental action boston”. Still nothing promising, just a craigslist posting for a job at the organization. “‘environmental action’ boston” finally turned up, lower on the page, a link to a sublevel page on the organization’s web site for an available position. The images on the page were broken. From there I was able to navigate upwards to their main web site.
For a grassroots organization, these guys really need to get their shit together in terms of how easy they are to find. I expect that the average websurfer might not have had much success. It was difficult for me to even find the site.
So I sent ’em an email telling them that they have a visibility problem. And that their images are broken on all the pages located in subdirectories.
(I wonder if they’ll start soliciting money from me now. I wonder if my blog will now be among the top hits for “environmental action”.)


5 thoughts on “Taking action.

  1. Coordination of Resources.
    “Sarah” (‘from Plattsburgh’ – which I eventualy distilled down to “Willsborough’ )came by yesterday, soliciting for New York Public Interest Research Group. Also “mercury-” and “-related cancer.” I listened, occupied her time until mom came home, shared some things that I know — about the organizaiton, her superiors I have personally known (stretching back through the time before she was born), and learned she is … increasingly less enthused about NYPIRG, as it is more generally known, than she was ten days ago, when she first came aboard, having need of a job, and being the daughter of a woman who was [facts and name obliterated here] in college. Sarah stood on the stoop outside the door under her umbrella in the slow rain while we spoke through the screen. I learned about all there is to know about her family (grandmother from Whitehall, it turns out) and her future as a to-be major in Human Sexuality (in Philly?) beginning in a year. Sarah is very pleasant, and not mind blind. That too was a pleasant change of experience.

  2. I really feel for these kids. It’s a shitty job, no bones about it. I’d hate to be one of those MASSPIRG cats stuck with her clipboard at 77 Mass Ave saying to passersby, “Do you have a minute for the environment?”
    Sigh. Almost as bad as selling knives. 😉

  3. And their opening statement could use some work:
    Thirty-five years ago, millions of Americans were no longer willing to put up with black smoke…

  4. Something like…?
    …but today we have the blessings of purifically upgraded-if-illegal marijuana to assuage the fears and lsd to douse the flames of ardor of those poor folks who seek our help…won’t you, too, contribute?
    Ahv’course, dahw-ling!
    I exaggerate. (But it was fun while it lasted…rain drizz-ippling down on so many parades…)

  5. As for something more serious — ShaZam wonders whether her blg mit become among the to hits for “environmental action”: however, the point with the pirgs is not action but traction: in politics, while it is said “Watch what they do, not what they say,” that is simply the truth within the lie OR the lie that hides the truth. The whole truth is perception.
    This is why guys like (in order of bumbling appearance) Byrd, Santorum, and Durbin do not really care about the so-called fallout from their recent “hitler” and “nazi” remarks (these I suppose you know about) because what they really care about is keeping their own most precious possessions, their names, before the public with the greatest frequency possible — knowing as they do and studies confirm that by the time the next eleciton rolls around their constituents will have forgotten the particulars BUT WILL remember the name (and be comforted that suffices) as they pull the lever/mark the ballot, touch the screen…like visions of God reaching out of cloud cover to touch a suppine Adamo.
    Perception = Traction. Remember this.

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