Until Independence Day rolls around, I am spending a goodly portion of my free moments working on the Bel Air. Check the site for daily updates, including summaries of work accomplished and photos of continuing progress. Comments are welcome here.


9 thoughts on “WaterCarRaft.

  1. This is what is called “jackassing’ or “jackassing around” — not at all a perjorative or anything close to it, “to jackass” is to, I suppose, “kick up a storm” and have fun, or in short to do what almost everyone dreams [howsoever inexactly] about and hardly a few ever DO.
    So when Dad used to say “What are you doing, trying to make a jackass out of yourself?” I just grinned … a kind of JCB or Scooter kind of grin tht is an acknowledgement in denial while thinking “If you only knew…”
    (But I ain’t no … no, no, no, no. No.)

  2. If Commonwealth Chevy is still in business, they might be interested in some advertising — donations/money to support your cause.

  3. I have started showing your picture pages to my coworkers and even a couple of vendors. Now I have the classic problem: I’ve told enough people about this project that it HAS to be completely awesome.
    Am — see you tonight!

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