I don’t practice Renteria…

Okay, people, it’s time. We need a good nickname for Edgar Renteria. Suggest away!


One thought on “I don’t practice Renteria…

  1. “Ed” works nicely, eh.
    “E D” works, too.
    “Emergency” works FOR E R.
    “”E R:” works better.
    “Storage” works, if barely.
    “La Ren” too.
    “Larry” works best of all in this context.
    In consideration of Ed, there is a certain elegance and economy to just “Ed” athat ought not to be overlooked, but “E R” works better…as long as the poot guy really suffers OR has surgically insightful talents and skills.
    Still, “Once a month” might work for some.
    Yet, I prefer scenario one wherein Ed submits to preivous enlightenment in the guise of buy-ding his time, as in paying his way, sharing the rent.
    I can go on…but why?

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