Grind, grime…

Slightly disturbing morning discovery: after evening spent grinding at metal with drill-powered wire brush, the first nose-blow of the day contains tiny tiny bits of metal and grime and dust.
It’s like a direct connection to my Welsh ancestry. Hwyl!
In other news, I can’t get the song ‘Grind’ out of my head…


5 thoughts on “Grind, grime…

  1. Ear plugs, soft and spongy, and a hospital mask’ll do it. Or just wet down a larger bandana and have done with it on the cheap.

  2. It occurs to me to add … not only do I like the goggles and beer photo but I am glad you are wearing them, not least glad when you grind: hot metal sharks can and often do penetrate eyes and, so hot, reseal as they enter, leaving the unaware victim with a lifelong floater that could — and again “often do” — lead to real problems.

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