A bandana is among the most indispensible tools for summertime projects. Like safety goggles and a socket set, you should never find yourself without one (or two!). A wet bandana is even better. Put a little cold water on that puppy, and you’ve got yourself a mask that will filter out all the dust and grime in the air, not to mention cool relief to tie around your neck when not in use. Another around the head will keep you cool and keep your hair back. A wet kerchief can also be used to wipe off the dirt and grime and sweat that has collected on your face while trying to remove seatbelt bolts that will only come off with a 24″ breaker bar, or grinding away at welding areas with an angle grinder. And I’m serious about the keeping-you-cool aspect — it really does do wonders. I spent all afternoon yesterday working, fully clothed, in the heat and humidity, and I didn’t want to keel over and die. Marvelous.
To the kerchief!


One thought on “Bandanarama.

  1. You have a long relationship with the functional use of the bandana. While creating rabbit holes or repairing plaster, you have made the bandana a fashion statement.

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