Bumper stickers, et cetera.

So I am in charge of procuring for the convertiboat various and sundry bumper stickers and other accessories (steering wheel cover? air freshener? fuzzy dice?) — you know, stuff that screams class.
Apart from AutoZone, anyone have any great ideas of where I might obtain such goods? Like where do you go to find weird and crazy bumper stickers?


5 thoughts on “Bumper stickers, et cetera.

  1. Surely one of the convertiboat contractors come “in” via I-90 several times a week, and the fast food places at several of plazas (usually those that offer fewer cuisine choices) sell such stuff of all kinds, mature and immature, current and period. And you folks have more than simply I-90 available. Probably several neighborhood gas plazas around the Boston metro area offer such pickings AND there are likely better ideas you will have for similar venues (I should think WalMart might be a likely suspect).

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