Pimp my ride.

Acquired last night at Newbury Comics in Harvard Square:

One (1) pair white fuzzy dice
One (1) Boston Red Sox car antenna pennant

Also acquired last night, in an unrelated way:

Two (2) bruises, one on the ass and one on the elbow, from slipping in my flip flops on some rainy porch steps and falling smack on my kiester.

All I’ve got to say is: ouch! The other stuff, that’s for the carboat. Still trying to find a bumper sticker which reads “My other car is a boat.” That is a must.


3 thoughts on “Pimp my ride.

  1. Telephone the [Boston Yacht Club?] and ask them where to find out a prompt local resource for this bumper sticker : surely someone qamong the members has one and can tell you where s/he got it locally.
    Shaughnessey & Ahern apparently took a lesson from the partisan opposition during those sordid years after the Civil War, went into business, having learned how to do it and better, for they are yet in business.
    Flipflops. Flipflops? The most subservient and dangerous footware on the planet, good for nothing including protecting one’s feet from the ravages of athletes foot fungoidals: the “flop” means something and is not only onomatopoeia. But you (now) know that.

  2. Hmmm…actually — you could make your bumper stickers own using stick on plastic letters on either blank (you CAN get them but they are not common) bumper sticker sheets or use purchased white plastic sheeting from a fabric store and rubber cement.

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