Blog issues.

So devl is having some problems here with trackback spam attacks, and the scripts don’t execute properly during the attacks, so it’s been difficult to post (as is evidenced by the latest entry, which I wrote on July 16th, and which didn’t appear in published form till the other day).
The solution: upgrade MovableType, which I am hoping to do today. The delay: the scripts don’t execute, so I can’t export a backup properly (I’m backing and taring it up manually instead); also, Mar’s out of town, and won’t be back till the beginning of August.
So I apologize to you, dear reader, as well as to myself (since I’ve been wanting to blog about a million things lately and haven’t been able to), and pledge that, by the time my birthday rolls around, this thing should be up and running again.
Thanks for your patience.
[It’ll probably take a week for this to post anyway. Sigh.]


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