Oh, by the way…

…I saw my first Bellhorn shirt today. It was being worn by some kid, maybe 12 or 14 or something, who I now think is the coolest kid in the world.
Also spotted near Fenway: a Wake shirt. I like seeing the less popular player shirts and jerseys — 18, 24, 33, 34, and 38 are so common that it’s refreshing to see something different.
I saw someone with a Youk shirt the other day, and nearly walked over and thanked him.


2 thoughts on “Oh, by the way…

  1. Nearly?
    So Marty and mom and I are walking around GF two nights ago, just swivelling our necks at all the vigorous street life up there — really neat! — when a man steps out of the Crandall Library wearing a shirt that says “FIRE.”
    I guffaw, saying aloud and in my usual low and secret tones that reach across midtown NYC “Can you imagine wearing that shirt — to work?!”
    The man looks puzzled so I backtrack and approach, saying “So yo MUST be a fireman?” He is not.
    “Do you wear THAT shirt to work.” He shakes his head in puzzlement – he cannot for the life of him figure out what I am going on about, a complete and obviously nutz-o stranger; and he sees (as do I, following his eyes and stealing a quick peek over my shoulder, that Her Royal Presence and my so-called friend of 41 years are meekly escaping down the walk toward the main street [think Ginny saying to Johnna “Go find your mother, little girl”].
    I actually have to spell out my meaning for him, to which he says, tossing his head, finally realizing what is up “Oh, yeah, but it doesn’t say ‘Fire me’.”
    I am merciless when I fall upon Marty and mom, excoriation them for their failed support: I mean to say…it is a wonder the guy didn’t take a pop at me ‘ead!

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