So, the question is: what is the pink stuff they’re always drinking out of Poland Spring bottles in the Red Sox dugout? Bartles & Jaymes? Rhéaume says Gatorade but we’re just not sure.


3 thoughts on “Punch.

  1. It’s a crude mixture of Hawaiian Punch, Pimm’s, Crazy Grandpa Millar’s bathtub whiskey, and Viagra. The special concoction is made by Lynn Jones and Johnny Pesky, who are desperately trying to turn these rubes into old-skool ballplayers.
    “We’re tryin’ to put some hair on their chests. Only problem is, Johnny Damon keeps shavin’ it off….”
    – Lynn Jones

  2. “Grazy Grandpa Millar” — I love it.
    If Johnny Damon shaved his chest in the dugout during the postseason, do you think Fox would show it?

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