Double play.

From today’s Red Sox Notebook:

The Sox also are keeping a close watch on Mark Bellhorn in Pawtucket. ”I think physically he’s doing a lot better,” said Francona. ”Hopefully he’ll play nine innings tonight and play back-to-back nights.” Bellhorn, who had a sprained left thumb, got off to a slow start at Pawtucket but had three hits Sunday . . .

And another second baseman stays with the Sox:

“When it’s over, I’ll miss this more than I missed playing after I retired,” he said. For younger members of Red Sox Nation, Remy, who grew up in Somerset, had a 10-year major league career, including seven seasons at second base for the Red Sox (1978-85) and a trip to the All-Star Game.

“I’m happy where I am,” he said. “This is where I want to finish. I’m a local guy. It’s where I was brought up. We’ve established a lot of goodwill. I’d be foolish to do anything else.”


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