Google image search.

Query: Mark Bellhorn.

Okay, I’m done. Breakfast time.

* “McCarty and Cola: They get the job done!”


5 thoughts on “Google image search.

  1. You want the yellowshirt because, as for the lettering, “it goes” with “a rose by any other name is still a rose.” Whether you also want it because of the possessive … a father fears to imagine.

  2. I finally figure out who Bellhorn reminds me of in that rookie photo… I think it’s D. B. Sweeney. From The Cutting Edge era. That sort of grim-yet-endearing, befuddled-but-earnest thing.

  3. Girl: Hey, Barcardi Guy. Cola.
    Cola: Oh, hey…Ahhh??
    Girl: Don’t you remember my name?
    Bacardi: Sure we do…Anne? Karen?
    Cola: Erin? Sarah? Kimberly?
    Bacardi: Julie? Mindy? Laticia?
    Cola: Pearl? Veronica? Tammy?
    Girl: [slow on the uptake] Veronica. Yeah. You *do* remember. You guys look hot!
    Bacardi: Yeah.

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