Sox 8, Rangers 7.

An amazing game at Fenway last night: a pitcher’s battle early on, a fifth inning in which the Sox soared ahead and a seventh in which the Sox bullpen allowed the Rangers to tie up the game (both of which were so long that I was forced to go into additional columns on my scoresheet), some good closing work by Schilling, and a nice bottom of the tenth in which Cora and Renteria worked to bring Billy Ballgame home (just when I was about to run out of room on the scoresheet). The seats were pretty awesome — a good birthday gift indeed! Some dude complimented me on my Bellhorn shirt, but it was unclear whether he really dug Bellhorn or just felt bad about making me get up so he could grab a beer.
Afterwards, beers and potato skins at the BBC with Team A-Side, where scorecards were examined for the details of the game, calls were made, the Gipper cleaned up on the scoreboard, and many $2 drafts were consumed. The Cambridge crew squeezed into a cab to get back homeward, rather uproariously, to end the evening.
I arrived in Albany late this afternoon to discover that my dad had stumbled across a pennant I got at a game back in 2001, which features all the Red Sox’s retired numbers, and tacked it up above my bed. It’s nice how these things we keep around can accumulate meaning over the years and end up being more valued as time passes. I had totally forgotten I even had the thing in the first place.
It was a nice welcome home.


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