Spare yourself.

Don’t look at Boston Dirt Dogs today. Just be content reading the report in the Red Sox Notebook. Sometimes the Photoshopped images are just too much.
But sometimes the real ones are worse.


3 thoughts on “Spare yourself.

  1. oh yea, the bit about the Nihilists being “androgynous, even asexual” becomes much more vivid as a contrast to the day-job that the lead Nihilist carries… as Karl Hungus the porn star. I always wondered why the Nihilist carried a sword! Then again, what better way to represent a repressed phallic signifier! A guy who carries a sword threatening to cut off people’s “Johnson”‘s and is a compulsive fornicator by day! Hilarious 🙂

  2. Don’t the Dude and Donny offer to give up their money during the showdown with the Nihilists because they represent the feeble-minded notions of appeasement that did not satiate the all-too-German conflation of Nazi-nihilism that Walter confronts? Remember, Bush justified the War on Iraq part 1 by saying Hussein was like Hitler!
    Remember, Walter barely differentiates between nihilists and Nazi’s during one bar scene with the Dude and Donny.

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