We’re not in Boston anymore.

This morning, I had a class breakfast to attend on the west side of town. I set out from my house around 8:30, and biked up University to the Randall Stadium area. By the time I got across town, it was about 8:45 am, and at that time the roads were already blocked off for the UW-Temple game. I rode past police officers leaning against their cars while red-shirted undergraduates played beer pong openly in frat front yards, shockingly fresh-faced sorority girls emerged through screen doors holding red solo cups in front of red Wisconsin shirts, and fifty-year-old crimson-clad, red-faced alumni unfurled signs reading such mature things as “WISCONSIN TAILGAITERS” on lawns-turned-car-parks.
Not the kind of thing you see every Saturday in Cambridge. No sir. It’s like some combination of Landsdowne Street on gameday and Dorchester Ave. on St. Patty’s. But in a thoroughly residential, tree-lined, green-lawned neighborhood.
I had heard that Fox would be televising the Sox-Yanks game this afternoon, so, around noon central time, Ehren and I headed down to some Sports Bahhh off State Street, where we got one of the big screen TVs to ourselves (the rest of the bar’s occupants were over watching the Wisconsin-Temple game on ESPN2). We got a couple of Miller Lites (total cost: $3) and waited through a bunch of human-interest-story pregame coverage before they turned to — you guessed it — Angels-White Sox. I guess I’m in one of those “select markets.”
We came back to my place and tuned in to MLB Radio, which has become the salve to ease all pain of distance from Boston of late. It was already 2-0 Sox when we tuned in around the third; we exchanged high-fives during the huge top of the fourth, and I received several calls from fellow fans — both here and back home — of the holy-crap-would-you-believe-it variety. As LB put it, borrowing from Don-O: “Schilling’s back, baby, and he’s back big!”
It’s just as well: I prefer my Sullivan Tiahhh and 1-800-54-GIANT ads to Tim McCarver any day.
The other lesson: I’m going to have to learn to watch football.


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